The Centre of Leisure Time Gelnica


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                       Centrum voľného času v Gelnici
                       Slovenská ulica 46, 056 01 Gelnica, Slovakia
                       tel. č. 053 / 4821 491

The Centre of Leisure Time in Gelnica


The Centre of Leisure Time is the organization under the administration of town Gelnica. The aim of the Centre of Leisure Time is the non-formal education and the meaningful free time-organization for children, pupils, students, all young people, younger than 30, and their parents. We cooperate not only with schools of our region but also with all organizations, whose aim is to support the personal development of young people and to help the young people to spend their time meaningfully.
The Centre of the Leisure Time performs different kinds of activities starting from educational, free time, sport to family activities not only in the school year but also during the weekends and holidays. What is attractive for young people is the castle where our Centre is situated, a large, green garden around it, home-like atmosphere and friendly people working here.
There are different facilities and equipment available, such as the tennis court, small fitness, dancing room, PC room, class for different education activities, for example foreign language courses or PC courses, swimming pool in the primary school, grammar school. All these rooms and equipment serve also to other purposes when necessary. For example internet or the tennis court is free for all our members. Others may use them for minimal fee.
Young people meet regularly during the whole school year in various clubs they chose, for example dancing club, tennis club, volleyball club, acting club, swimming club, western club, PC club, tourist club, club of the friends of the nature, chess club, cheerleaders and many others.
Except these activities the Centre of Leisure Time organizes occasional activities as different sport competitions for the young, the adults, or for special groups of people such as teachers or employees of the town office. People spend nice day full of joy, fun and sport with us. Besides this we organize various trips and excursions to famous places of Slovakia. We also have some carnivals and children balls during the year.
During the holidays we organize camps for children in the surrounding of Gelnica or near swimming pools, which we miss in our town. We also offer special courses not only for children.
All the employees of the Centre work with talented children and they try to develop their abilities. They also work with disabled children, children from socially weaker families or children from national minorities.
As far as family activities, The Centre of the Leisure time organizes the annual tourist march called “Slapajcug” for families with children. Younger and older participants of this trip spend few hours walking in the nature around Gelnica and in the target place we prepare refreshment and different competitions for them.